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Artistic Drinking

Choose from our gallery or let us create something special for your event!!

Host a Social Canvas Painting Fundraiser!!  They are a great way to have fun and raise money for an important cause.

Like a painting?  Pick a date.  Have an idea in mind for a painting?  Let us create it for you.  You can charge anywhere from $35 to $45 per painter.  Your earning potential is from $5 to $15 and you receive your money at the event!!  No waiting!!  We can accommodate up to 100 painters so your base earning potential is $1500.00!!  We can also do Children's painting events for a fundraiser.  The cost is anywhere from $30 -$35 per painter.  They are on an 11x14 canvas.  The earning potential is between $5 - $10 per painter.

We encourage you to have Raffles, 50/50, Chinese Auction or Food Drive (depending on the Charity - great for Animal Rescues or a Food Pantry.)  We will promote your event on our FB pages and create a FB event for you but it is ultimately up to you to get the information out to your supporters.

Looking for a Fun and Unique Fundraiser?